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                     Ultra-Roof 1000 product information

*Extended guarantee:

Tarco product information

Low-slope roof guarantee:

             There are many roofing materials designed for application on low-slope roofs. We prefer to use self-adhering, rubberized products. Most roofing systems we install include a lifetime  workmanship warranty, along with all implied manufacturer's warranties.*

  Ultra-Roof 1000 is our preferred elastomeric product. Call for pricing.


      On roofs with enough slope to accept shingles, tile, or metal, we generally provide a lifetime workmanship warranty, along with all implied manufacturer's warranties.*

Full fabric monolithic system is guaranteed for 10 years against peeling, cracking or water infiltration. Call for details.

Cool roof system is guaranteed to protect existing roof from ultraviolet degradation and thermal shock for 10 years.

Elastomeric coating guarantee:

High-slope roof guarantee:

SureCoat coating guarantee:

     Our guarantee is simple and straightforward. Your roof won't leak. If it does, we'll fix it free.*

                                     SureCoat product information

     Lucas & Godfrey Roofing offers extended warranties and maintenance plans for a reasonable yearly fee. Prices begin at $150.00 per year and are determined based upon each roofs' needs.

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